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What Is Gateway?

Gateway is Metro’s new state-of-the-art smart card fare collection system. It’s a more convenient, secure way to collect fares. Instead of paper passes, Gateway will use plastic smart cards – Gateway Cards – with computer chips inside that store passes (like monthlies or weeklies) or cash value (up to $100) – including discount fares.


What will the card do for me?

Easy & Convenient

You will be able to load your card at ticket vending machines, online or in-store. 

Saves Money

Fare will automatically be capped at the daily rate, no matter how much you ride.

More Secure

If you register your card, the balance will be protected if it is lost or stolen.


Gateway Cards are currently available to full fare customers at the corner of 8th & Pine in downtown St. Louis. If you have purchased a card at MetroStore and have not yet registered it, click the link below or call the Gateway Card Center at 314-982-1500 so your card balance is protected if it is lost or stolen.

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  • What Is Gateway?

    • Gateway is Metro’s new smart card fare collection system – it is a more convenient, secure way to pay your Metro transit fares.
    • Instead of paper passes and tickets, Gateway will use reusable, plastic smart cards.
    • Gateway Cards have computer chips inside that store your Metro passes – including reduced fares and transfers.
    • You can also store cash value on your Gateway Card and your fare will be deducted each time you ride.
    • A red Gateway Card will be used by customers who qualify for reduced fares, and students will carry lime green cards.
  • Why is Metro moving to a smart card system?

    • Moving to a smart card system is part of Metro’s effort to build a better transit experience for you.
    • Some of our fare collection equipment was 20 years old and becoming difficult and expensive to repair.
    • Gateway will transform the way you pay for transit and will bring Metro’s operations up to 21st century standards.
  • How will a Gateway Card benefit me?

    • More convenience: You’ll be able to load your Gateway Card online, at ticket vending machines in all MetroLink stations, at select retail outlets or at the MetroStore downtown. For maximum convenience, you can set up autoloads to replenish the balance whenever it gets low, or renew a pass that is soon to expire.
    • More security: If you register your Gateway Card, your balance is protected if it is lost or stolen.
    • Less hassle: The Gateway Card stores your passes, cash value, transfers and discounts (for qualified customers). Load up your card as you go – and never worry about having exact change again!
    • Better service: Gateway will make it possible for Metro to tailor routes and schedules to better meet customer needs.
    • Extra savings: Through a “daily cap” function, you won’t pay more than a set amount, no matter how many times you ride in a day.
  • Why was Gateway selected as the name?

    • Gateway was selected as the name for our new smart card system by a diverse group of customers.
    • During focus groups, customers said Gateway is the perfect name for our new fare collection system because it represents what the smart card does: It will be the gateway to Metro, to the region and to opportunity, by connecting you to the things that are important in your life – family, friends, work, school, medical care, entertainment and more.
  • How will Metro pay for the new Gateway system?

    • Metro received three grants from the federal government specifically for the purchase and installation of the Gateway system and new fare collection equipment. These funds cannot be used for any other system improvements.
  • Where can I get a Gateway Card?

    • Gateway Cards are available to any full fare customer at MetroStore at the corner of 8th & Pine in downtown St. Louis. When rollout is complete, you’ll be able to get your card online and at participating retail outlets, MetroStore and from Gateway Vending Machines in MetroLink stations.
  • Will I be able to continue buying the same pass I currently use?

    • Most existing passes – including reduced fare passes – will be available on Gateway Cards.
    • Any paper passes you’ve already purchased will continue to be accepted for a limited time on Metro.
  • Will everyone have to use the Gateway Card?

    • Most customers will use Gateway Cards to pay their fares once the rollout is complete. Monthly and weekly passes, transfers and reduced fares (including student passes) will only be available on the Gateway Card.
    • You will always be able to pay with cash on the bus.
  • How will I use my Gateway Card?

    • Purchase and load your card online, at MetroStore, retail outlets or from Gateway Vending Machines (GVMs). Hold your card on the GVM reader to also check your card balance and history.
    • On MetroBus, hold your card on the Gateway Farebox until you hear a ‘ding!’
    • When riding MetroLink, hold your card on the Gateway Validators: A green light will flash when your fare has been successfully collected. Validators are lined up to form PAID FARE ZONES you’ll pass through prior to reaching the platform.
    • MetroLink fare officers will use Gateway Handheld Readers to validate that your fare has been paid; present your Gateway Card when you’re asked for it.
    • Register your card so its value is protected if it’s lost or stolen.
    • Sign up for Autoloads so you always have enough fare to ride!